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The first.

hydrogen powered

yacht in the world.

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The preliminary theoretical and technical project is done.

The collaborators have signed Letters of Intent.

The solution with fuel cell, batteries, electric engines, propulsion system, etc is technically designed.

The yacht is in Bergen, Norway, ready to be transfomed to use H2.

This will be the first high speed boat in the world using H2 and no back up solutions with diesel, gasoline, etc.

About 100 feet, about 40 knots, no ordinary engine noise and the only emission will be water which you can drink.

Do your company want to be a part of this fantastic project? The project is estimated to have a total cost of about 50 MNOK or about 5,5 M EUR, but we are still looking for the last 1 or 2 collaborators for the last 9-10 MNOK, about 1 M EUR so the toal project can start and be fulfilled. Your company will get the main sponsor area on the side on the yacht, influence on total vinylwrapping, use the R&D-boat for testing evt own equipment, use the conference room, etc. We will make a package which will make any company happy.

Are your company interested, please contact:



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